Innovation and Environment Affairs

Technology and Innovation

The future of the German economy lies in your technology and innovation potential. The transfer of knowledge into competitive products and services is therefore a major focus for the Nueremberg Chamber of Comerce for Central Franconia.The technology transfer will be successful if new technical ideas can be fleshed out further. Additional performance criterion the economic valorizing of research results.

"Medical Valley" is an appropriate name for a region which is home to Siemens Med, the diverse research institutes of the Erlangen University Clinics and Germany's largest municipal hospitals, the Nuremberg Clinic. Medical Technology is one of the fields of growth being promoted in the region through numerous projects and initiatives such as the Medical Valley Center in Erlangen.

"New Materials" research and its associated process technologies are cross-sector technologies for the future. Industrial products which safeguard the environment and conserve energy are produced from new materials. The metropolitan region of Nueremberg is a world-class high-tech location. It is at the cutting edge in the investigation, design and processing of new materials. In the region there are over 120.000 people working on or with new materials, in the design, development and manufacture of electronic and electro-technical products, in polymer processing, the manufacture of nanoparticles and the production of high-tech ceramics.