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Economic Region of Nuremberg

Economic Region of Nuremberg

Following the unification of Germany with the opening of borders to Eastern Europe and the expansion of the European Union to the East, our Region now finds itself located in the very center and heart of the European economic region.

The Nuremberg region has been defined by the EU as a gateway-region and is considered to be fundamental for the extension of economic relations to East and Southeast Europe. As a central distribution location in Southern Germany and gateway for Southeast Europe the location reaches about 27 million inhabitants in an orbit of 200 kilometres.

Population 1.7 million
Companies > 140 000
Employees 800 000
Gross domestic product           55 billion Euro
Export quota > 45 %
Service quota > 60 %
Accessibility Radius 200 km: 27 million people
Radius 100 km: 5.2 million people
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