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Fields of technical competence

Fields of technical competence

In order to count among the leading economic business locations in Germany and Europe, the region of Nuremberg has followed a strategic development concept since 1998. It defines those core competences in which the region is particularly strong and which are to be classified as global fields of growth. Under the overall control of the CCI and with the widest approval of industry, politics, municipal administration, trade unions and colleges a development model was worked out and adopted.

In this development model seven technological fields of competence in the economic region of Nuremberg were emphasized: transport and logistics, automotive, information and communication, medicine and health, energy and environment, new materials, as well as automation and production engineering. Following the motto “strengthen the strengths” the foundation of regional industry is also to lay claim to a global technologically leading role in an internationally-oriented economy. The linking of the seven fields of competence among themselves as well as the development and linking with important cross-sections of technology will offer manifold starting points for an additional increase in value and thereby also new competitive workplaces in countless branches and in all areas of the Metropolitan Region of Nuremberg.

Just as the acceptance into the circle of metropolitan regions does, the development model opens new chances for economic dynamics and international image forming. With the extension of infrastructure and research institutions, business location marketing, the development of new markets and an entrepreneur-friendly climate the Metropolitan Region of Nuremberg will carry on occupying front seats in national and international quality assessments on technological and industrial productivity. With its concentrated know-how it will thereby remain a highly attractive business location for a wide range of concerns from all branches.

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