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General Management

General Management

With a population of 1.7 million and a gross domestic product of more than 50 billion Euro, Central Franconia is one of the strongest industrial areas in Germany. Some 2.5 million people live in the core area of the Nuremberg metropolitan region and the gross domestic product amounts to more than 70 billion Euro. The entire area (metropolitan network) has a population of 4.3 million achieving 115 billion Euro.

The latest most important economic process of change has been the development from an industrial to a service supply society. In Middle Franconia this continuing structural change has been actively organised: Since beginning with the census of employees subject to social insurance in 1974 more than 50,000 new workplaces have been created in the region. It is true that industry has lost almost 120,000 employees in this period, but in the service supply sector more than 170,000 have been created. Thus the share of the service supply sector has increased from 38 to 62 percent within the last 30 years.

One half of the shift from industry to service supply is due to an increase in value and the other half due to activities which were previously carried out by industrial concerns themselves being increasingly given to external service suppliers (outsourcing). The Central Franconian service supply industry has made best use of the changes offered by outsourcing and has achieved a top position in countless innovative sectors nation-wide. Amongst them are the information industry and call centres, market research, tax, legal and economic advisors, insurance companies, logistics, engineering services, building management and environment protection.

We are working hard at developing this strong likeable region with the same inventive genius which drove Nuremberg to its heights in the Central Ages.

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