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International Affairs

International Affairs


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Dipl.-Volksw. Armin Siegert

Dipl.-Volksw. Armin Siegert

Head of Department for International Economic Affairs phone: +49 911 1335 1397

The region of Nuremberg has been closely associated with international markets since the Middle Ages. Today, industrial exports amount to more than 50 percent of overall output. This makes Central Franconia one of the strongest export regions in Germany.

In 1826, the Nuremberg Director of Trade who acted as an advisor to the Bavarian government was assigned the task of establishing a consulate network abroad. The merchants devoted much energy to foreign business and its diplomatic advancement, they recommended the appointment of agents in the recognized trading partners and they called for Bavaria goods to be provided with certificates of origin.

From that time on, the Nuremberg Chamber of Commerce has provided extensive services to promote and consolidate foreign trade relations. The main focus is on the sovereign task of export document certifications (78,000 per year) and information services for member companies, for instance by tariff workshops that take place in Nuremberg on a yearly basis. The CCI also offers country-specific consulting – both in individual sessions and events such as the Asia-Pacific Forum Bavaria or on the occasion of business delegation trips – as well as training in areas such as "cross-cultural competence" or "creation of international teams".

Home for International Business

"Ready for take off" and "touch down" – the Metropolitan Region of Nuremberg is the right destination. More than 3,000 companies are engaged abroad, nearly half of them not only in Europe but also overseas (Asia, Latin America etc.). With an export quota nearly 50 percent Nuremberg region exceeds the German average.

Due to this comprehensive internationalization of our regional economy the conditions for foreign companies to do business in the region as well as to establish their basis for the whole European market activities are excellent. Thanks to its geographic location Nuremberg is an important transportation hub and, therefore, considered as gate to Eastern Europe.

Our chamber's objective is to promote the international business relations. Many services support foreign enterprises to enter the German market through our gate.

Contact us and you will stay in touch with a top location for top business.

Providing Business Platforms

  • Organization of foreign delegations, coming to our region and to Germany (organizing seminars, arranging meetings with potential business partners, economic institutions, political officials etc.)
  • Establishing and extending networks with foreign partners (city twinning programms etc.)
  • Every year we organize 50-60 seminars and workshops on foreign markets, in order to inform about potentials for sourcing, sales and direct investment.
  • Organization of business trips to abroad

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