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Legal and Taxes

Legal and Taxes


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RA Oliver Baumbach

RA Oliver Baumbach

Deputy CEO, Head of Legal and Taxes, general policy matters on legal policy, taxes, commercial law phone: +49 911 1335 1388

Our objectives

  • Encouraging economy through legal advice in various fields
  • Creating equality of opportunity by eliminating actions that distort the competition
  • Reduction of stately interferences to boost the self-regulation of economy


  • Suggestions and statements about planned guidelines, laws and directives of the European Union, the federal German Federal Government and the federal states
  • Legal information, particularly about commercial and competition law, industrial, contract, corporation and company law, European law, data protection, industrial property law and labour law
  • Support in choosing the legal form of business as well as the company's name in order to make the entry in the commercial registry easy and to have a unique company name
  • Persecution of offences against violations of competition to protect the equality of opportunity in the economy
  • Experts: appointing and certifying experts and publishing the CCI directory of experts
  • Seminars and information brochures about specific legal issues
  • Arbitration and mediation in order that you have the possibility to arbitrate conflicts outside the stately courts

Our annual achievements (approx.) ...

  • the nomination and mediation from a list of approx. 8,000 publicly appointed and inaugurated experts
  • approx. 4,500 statements to courts concerning matters of the commercial register
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