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Privacy policy

Privacy policy

The Nuremberg CCI welcomes your visit to our web site and your interest in our assignments. We take seriously the protection of your personal data and want you to feel safe and in capable hands during your visit to our web site.

Collection and processing of personal data
As a rule you can visit the CCI site without having to disclose any personal data to us. We learn only the name of your internet service provider, the linking web site, and the web pages you visit at our site. We do not evaluate this information.

A number of sections at the CCI web site use so called cookies that are designed to present our services in a more individual format. Cookies are identifiers that a web server can send to your computer as a form of identification for the duration of your visit. You can configure your browser to inform you when cookies are sent so that you can have better control over their distribution. Cookie information is not used to authenticate our visitors or otherwise evaluated in any form.

To use our contact form you have to fill in your name and some contact information. The details collected in this manner are used to handle communication with you.

The extranet section with the newsletter service is reserved exclusively for the personnel of member (Nuremberg) CCI companies. So that this is assured further details like name, company, and city are requested in addition to the email address. This information is used exclusively for this service and is not forwarded.

The use of the internet must be treated separately from the public services the CCI provides to its members. In this case the CCI resorts to those data that the municipal offices transmit from the business registrations or the district courts transmit in the form of extracts from the commercial register.

In addition to its public services the CCI also operates on the private sectors. On these sectors personal data are collected only when you voluntarily transfer these to us e.g. as a person interested in a brochure, seminar, or course of further education.

Use and forwarding of personal data and specific purpose
a) Public sector
The forwarding of data pertaining to member CCI companies is regulated under § 9 Para. 4 of the IHKG. Applicable in addition are the regulations under the data protection laws specific to each state. The forwarding of data is subject to a specific purpose, each and every occurrence of which is examined by the CCI.

b) Private sector
All personal data accrued as part of CCI direct web services are collected, processed, and utilised exclusively for the purpose of handling contracts in accordance with the regulations applying to the protection of personal data.

Right to know and public procedure listing
On request we shall inform you in writing and in accordance with the applicable laws whether and which of your personal data are stored by our web site.

Should you have any questions about how your personal data are processed you can turn directly to our data protection agent who is also available for information requests, applications, and complaints:

Dipl.-Inf. Knut Harmsen
Data Protection Agent
phone: +49 (0)9131 97316-10
fax: +49 (0)9131 97316-29

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