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The Genius of a Cosmopolitan Artist

The Genius of a Cosmopolitan Artist


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Publishing Year: Mai 2008

Type of publication: Bücher

Number of pages: 116

The bilingual publication is based on a series of essays of the same name from the CCI journal.

Author: Eva Schickler, M.A., Nuremberg • Editor: Nuremberg CCI • Design: Silke Diwisch, Nuremberg • Publisher: Tümmels Verlag, Nuremberg • German / English • 82 predominantly coloured images • Soft-cover

ISBN: 3-921590-32-9

Price: 16.90 Euro

Suppliers: Publisher, booksellers, museum shops and selected galleries


The Genius of a Cosmopolitan Artist

What is it about Albrecht Dürer that is genius, revolutionary and still relevant today? This book examines this question. It gives a well-founded insight into the most important and most innovative works, themes and ideas of this world artist and it offers for the first time a condensed summary of Dürer's outstanding achievements. 

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