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Further training opportunities

Further training opportunities

Further training opportunities

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Jonas Sassenhausen

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It is our goal to support your company and your individual professional and personal development with our further training programme.

In the CCI Academy Central Franconia therefore, you will find a suitable atmosphere and a pleasant professional environment, which creates a desire to learn and work successfully.

Company seminars according to your individual wishes

  • You can choose the dates and location for the seminar - whether at your premises or ours, or in a conference hotel.
  • You can determine the size and make-up of the group - according to the appropriate number of participants for the particular seminar or workshop.
  • The group of participants is homogenous - which increases learning success, because everybody already has one thing in common: they work in your company.
  • You set the focus of the content and any supplementary themes - which eases the transfer of new knowledge into practical application in the workplace and provides more intensive support for the implementation of individual tasks in the company.
  • This individual scope for design gives you added value - nevertheless the cost of the seminar (upwards of a certain number of participants) is reduced in most cases.

The CCI Academy Central Franconia will take over all services in connection with your seminars for you, the complete preparation, organisation and running, even, on request, right up to the invitation of your seminar participants. Furthermore we also coordinate companies who wish to conduct their internal seminars together with other firms.

For inquiries, information and quotes, please contact us.

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