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Vocational Education and Training

Vocational Education and Training


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Dipl.-Hdl. Stefan Kastner

Dipl.-Hdl. Stefan Kastner

Director of vocational Training phone: +49 911 1335 1231

Within the scope of the CCI's public mandate is the creation of the structural framework and the standards for vocational education and training. Currently, the CCI provides approximately 17,000 intermediary and final examinations per year and oversees about 900 examination boards. More than 5,500 entrepreneurs, experts and executives volunteer to work as examiners. The CCI offers professional support to those companies who provide education and consultancy services covering careers requiring certain education levels, education methods and law regulations in approximately 2,300 on-site sessions.

To secure quality assurance, the CCI evaluates the suitability of the companies providing education and conducts examinations of trainer qualifications as well as courses for trainers. The CCI Academy Central Franconia offers courses to prepare for the examinations of master craftsman's diplomas, for specialist qualifications in various fields, professional training courses and tutorials.

With projects such as "Fit für Quali" and the competence check-up for students in lower secondary education we are helping future trainees choosing their career paths.

A valuable asset: education and research

If you seek qualified employees, you are in the right region. Our broad spectrum of higher education facilities, a close network of schools offering general education, the Franconian International School, numerous top companies offering vocational training, 25 vocational schools and other strong professional development establishments ensure an optimal pool of highly qualified emerging employees. The available facilities also include integrated campus and distance education. We attach particular importance to close cooperation between industry and our colleges of higher education and their innovation potential in the fields of technology and innovation.

In this context, we support a wide variety of projects:

  • at the Centre for Microelectronics
  • the Fraunhofer Institute
  • the Bavarian Laser Centre
  • the Fürth Technical Centre for New Materials
  • the Max-Planck-Institute, etc.

And we offer innovative business founders and young companies the opportunity to distinguish hemselves, for example with the CCI Founder Prize and the Northern Bavaria Business Plan Competition.

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