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IPEC 2021 International Production Environmental Community - online


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Dipl.-Pol. Univ. Christian Seitz

Dipl.-Pol. Univ. Christian Seitz

Automation Valley, Projektmanagement, Automation und Produktionstechnik, Elektromobilität Tel: +49 911 1335 1213
Dr. rer. nat. Ronald Künneth

Dr. rer. nat. Ronald Künneth

Energiewirtschaft, Umweltberatung, Managementsysteme, Technologietransfer Tel: +49 911 1335 1297
Tina Götz

Tina Götz

Assistenz im Bereich Innovation | Umwelt Tel: +49 911 1335 1203

Digitalisation meets Sustainability. The International Production Environmantal Community continues the European exchange of ideas and best practices. With reference to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, we will intensify the dialogue in order to contribute to a more competitive and sustainable industry through digitalized solutions.

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03.03.2021, 09:30 Uhr bis 15:00 Uhr

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